A look at the drinks menu.

Cold beverages

For warm summer evenings on deck or around the table with friends, we recommend our wine and cava assortment. We came across some rare wines in Galicia in Western Spain. The cellars of the group «Terras Gauda» are on a mission to produce the highest quality wines. Wines with a taste of their own from various noble grape varietals.

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Hot beverages

When a cool breeze gives you the chills, a hot mulled wine is in order to warm the body and soul. Harbour House offers a wide assortment of mulled wines. From red to white and organic to non-alcoholic – our finely spiced mulled wines are the best remedy for the season. Available in a 10L bag-in-box or box of six 1L bottles.

Try the Alpenrose, Edelweiss, Schlüsselblüemli, Immergrün and Schneeglöggli varieties! Click here to view our assortment of mulled wines. View Offer