Bruno Krebs, Captain, CEO

Passion for interesting products, coupled with a dose of wanderlust gives a high speed, with that holds Bruno Krebs the Harbour House on course. He consistently follows his instinct for ideas with potential for success. The experienced captain knows the markets and appreciate the reliable business partners. His courteous manner also makes him to a born host. Contact me

Rahel Schärer, 2nd officer, Office management

As the right hand of the Captain keep Rahel Schärer also in hectic times the overview. She keeps the crew the back free. Rahel Schärer cares about the safe loading, maintenance and servicing, and everything that is in the back office. For she, there are no problems, only solutions! Nothing can shatter she so quickly with their positive attitude. Contact me

Support for the team

Old sea dogs, young Smutjes, stewards or light-weight mattresses: Harbour House is always open to dedicated new crew members. Team-oriented men and women who are passionate about new ideas and projects are needed. Hire? Sign up