Willy the Seafarer sailed the seven seas

He visited countless countries and discovered their people and cultures. The harsh tone of the taverns was as familiar to him as civilised small talk at high-class social functions. Willy disembarked from every country with a suitcase full of ideas. He envisioned bringing the «landlubbers» of the far reaches of the world closer together.

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To this day, Harbour House is open to the world and on the move in serving its customers. We aim to engage you with a high level of service and hospitality. The sort of hospitality that Willy the Seafarer learned to appreciate in all of the foreign lands he visited.

Harbour House is the departure point and the destination of our activities. It is a hub for products from all around the world. Discover what we have to offer you. Events, Catering, Beverage, Brands.

Would you like to join us on board? Then contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.